New range of j-testr compact and ready to use test solutions for functional test from eiger design gmbh

J-Testr compact and ready to use test solutions for functional test from Eiger Design GmbH

Interlaken, Switzerland – April 25th 2018, Eiger Design GmbH, an innovative supplier of functional circuit test (FCT) solutions to the electronics test market, today announced the launch of a new range of compact, ready to use systems for both prototype and production test environments. Standard versions of the J-Testr require Test engineers to design a custom board to route signals to the device under test (UUT) but the new J-Testr+ GTI system can test straight out of the box with the unique Generic Test Interposer

Commenting on the launch, Roger Weekes, Commercial Director at Eiger Design said “Unlike our popular test solutions that require a user to design a custom interposer PCB, to route the stimulation and measurement signals between the peripheral cards on the tester and the target UUT, our new Generic Test Interposer is designed so that the user is ready to write their test code in the software language of their choice as soon as the system is unpacked”.

J-Testr+ GTI is highly adaptable allowing users to change between UUT types with customisable Exchangeable Units. These Exchangeable Units can be set up for different UUT environments, from prototype with ‘flying leads’ to volume production ‘bed of nails’. With additional expansion options available it is possible to add; integrated oscilloscopes, RF power / frequency meters, and RF signal generators. These features give the J-Testr+ GTI test system advanced signal measurement capabilities for testing the latest Internet of Things (IOT) devices.

Eiger Design’s J-Testr range offers a highly compact and easily portable test bench solution for FCT. Recommended for both full scale production and initial “protected power-up” of prototype PCBs, J-Testr provides added safety features, including its unique J-Safe feature, that can’t be implemented with traditional modular test systems. Eiger Design’s aim is to offer customers an integrated package with flexibility, portability and product safety, the J-Testr system provides a fully optimized and cost-efficient test solution

Eiger Design GmbH is a company dedicated to supporting engineers to safely and reliably bring products from prototype to full production with its highly compact ‘all-in-one’ Ethernet and / or JTAG controlled universal and modular functional test systems, J-Testr and J-Testr+. With Head Quarters in the Interlaken region of Switzerland, Eiger Design engineering team has developed a range of products which are designed to not only assist test and development engineers through the often stressful evaluation of new PCBAs but also to easily bring products, with confidence, into full production using one compact test solution.

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