USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer

  • The Hierarchical Protocol Tree View organizes the captured USB protocol data into a a format that exactly reflects the nesting of the actual USB protocol items on the bus. This greatly eases understanding of the USB protocol. Most other USB Protocol Analyzers use a primitive block-type display which makes it very hard to see the overall hierarchy of the complex data being communicated.
  • Multiple time-correlated views of the data are simultaneously available, allowing you to easily see transaction, packet and bus-level details from the highest to lowest abstraction levels at a glance. Some other USB Protocol Analyzers require you to change the protocol view to view the data at a different abstraction level, resulting in loss of situational awareness of your location within the overall trace.
  • The 1480A Decodes and displays all bus events down to the most detailed differential D-/D+ bus state changes with 16.67 ns resolution. Other USB Protocol Analyzers only show you the higher-level Protocol View without possibility to get to the lowest-level bus states.