125 MS/s,64 MByte (128 MByte),TTL,PXI,Digital I/O, MX.7005

The MX.70xx series of fast digital I/O boards offers a resolution between 1 bit and 32 bit with a maximum sampling rate of 125 MS/s (60 MS/s). Every 16 bit / 32 bit of the board can be separately programmed for input or output. The on-board memory of up to 128 MByte can be completely used for recording or replaying digital data. Alternatively the MX.70xx can be used in FIFO mode. Then data is transferred on-line to PC memory or hard disk. The internal standard synchronisation bus allows synchronisation of several MX.xxxx boards. Therefore the MX.70xx board can be used as an enlargement to analogue boards.

Based on the CompactPCI 3U standard the PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) enhancement was defined especially for the measurement user. In this specification additional lines for measure ment purposes are defined. There is a high-quality 10 MHz reference clock, as well as a star trigger and a trigger bus. The Spectrum boards support all these features, most notably with the help of the reference clock and the star trigger module for an easy combination of products - in including those from different companies. Since September 2003 Spectrum is a member of the PXI system alliance. The Spectrum PXI cards run in a plain CompactPCI 3U slot as well as in a dedicated PXI 3U slot. If using the MX series in a plain CompactPCI slot the PXI features will not be available.

Application Examples

  • Pattern generation for parameter tester
  • A/D converter development
  • Data acquisition at a medical tomograph
  • Production test of IGBT modules
  • CCD sensor simulation
  • 125 MS/s,64 MByte (128 MByte),TTL,PXI,Digital I/O
  • 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 bit mode
  • 110 Ohm input impedance selectable
  • Inputs 3.3 V and 5 V TTL compatible
  • Up to 128 MByte on-board memory
  • 64 MByte standard memory installed
  • Pattern/Edge/Pulsewidth trigger
  • FIFO mode for input and output
  • Synchronization possible
  • CompactPCI/PXI 3U compatible
  • Supporting PXI star trigger
  • Supporting PXI trigger bus
  • Supporting PXI reference clock
Platform PXI
Digital-In 16
Digital-Out 16
Samplerate (Max) 125 MS/s
Logic-Level TTL
Memory (Max) 64 MByte (128 MByte)
Brand Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH

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