This 18-slot LXI Chassis is fully compliant with the LXI Standard 1.4 and allows the large number of our 3U PXI modules to be installed and controlled through a standardized Ethernet interface. Each module is supported as though it is an LXI compliant device, complete with a driverless soft front panel that provides control of the module functions. This LXI chassis supports up to 18 3U modules and is equivalent to a 19-slot PXI chassis. A 7-slot LXI Chassis is also available.

The chassis is supplied with a built-in generic IVI driver to control the PXI modules in accordance with the LXI specification, but can also be controlled through a kernel driver. 

This LXI Chassis can be mounted in a standard 19" rack using our LXI chassis mounting kit 

  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Accepts our PXI Switching Modules
  • Accepts Most of our 3U PXI Instrumentation Modules
  • Applications from Simple Switching to RF, Microwave and Optical
  • Front Panel IP Address Display
  • Optional rack mounting kit available
Overall Size4U Full Rack
Power Rating600W
No of Slots18
BrandPickering Interfaces

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