The Holzworth HSM Series RF Synthesizer Modules are stand alone, CW sources. These sources are designed as building blocks for systems integration where performance at the foundation is critical. Holzworth synthesizers provide incredible signal stability. When integrated as multiple units connected to the same reference signal, a phase coherent relationship is created which provides optimal unit-to-unit stability. The core architecture of the HSM Series modules is derived from Holzworth’s proprietary NON-PLL design to provide the ultimate in phase / frequency stability. This direct-digital/direct-analog hybrid design was originally developed as a key building block for our phase noise analysis products. The hybrid architecture provides frequency agility & resolution, phase continuous switching and predictable performance without compromising on spurious or phase noise performance. 

The versatile HSM Synthesizer Modules can be controlled directly via the SPI bus, the Holzworth GUI, a preloaded lookup table, LabVIEWTM, MATLABTM, C++, C#, etc. Some systems integrators have preferred the supported Linux platform over a Windows based PC. An advanced application example uses a preloaded lookup table in a multi-channel configuration further leveraging the unique NON-PLL characteristics to achieve switching speeds of <100ns with phase memory.

The attractive performance-to-price ratios available with the Holzworth HSM Series offer optimal solutions for electronics design, manufacturing test applications, and OEM systems integration. Finally, with MTBFs greater than 200,000 hours, the HSM Series synthesizer modules have been designed to exceed the most stringent reliability requirements.

  • +/-0.25dB Amplitude Accuracy
  • Frequency Switching Speed: 6uS, 100% settled
  • Pulse Modulation Burst Mode (internal pulse)
  • Onboard Precision 100MHz OCXO
  • 100MHz Reference Out: -153dBc/Hz (10kHz OS)
  • Reference Input: 10MHz or 100MHz
  • SPI or USB Communications Interface
  • Internal Temperature Monitor Output
Bandwidth 10MHz to 20GHz
Output Power -20dBm to +20dBm
Phase Noise (10kHz OS) -106 dBc/Hz at 18GHz
Harmonics -30dBc
Spurious -70dBc
Brand Holzworth Instrumentation

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