3U CPCI S.0 based High-Performance Heterogeneous Computing Platform
This product is an example of basic platforms. It's fully configurable and can be customized according to the specific demands of your application.
  • Speed of linking frames from 8 video cameras to the Full-HD 1920x1080 stereo-panorama without blurring, at 1 GPU – 12 FPS, response 100 ms.
  • Displaying speed in the Oculus Rift Full-HD headset – 65 FPS, response15 ms.
  • Speed of face recognition on panorama – 4 FPS, response 250 ms.
  • Speed of keeping track over the highlighted object at GPU (PyrLK Optical Flow 150-200 FPS), but it is limited by the panorama linking speed - 12 FPS, response 100 ms.
  • Speed of building 3D model in the territory in sight – 1 FPS, response 1 second.
  • Speed of movement by the 3D model, using integrated graphics CPU – 20 FPS, response 50 ms.
  • Bus-structured modular system based on Compact PCI Serial specification with 3U modules in siz;
  • Heterogeneous - use of computers with various architectures: CPU modules with x86; Computers based on graphics processors (Nvidia, AMD); Computers based on FPGA (Virtex,Kintex).
  • Parallel-pipeline computational process and scalability at the level of modules and units
  • High resolution imaging and creation of virtual reality systems
  • Input, processing and analysis of large volumes of radar and visual data.

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