6-Slot LXI/USB Modular Chassis-60-106-001

Pickering Interfaces’ 60-106-001 modular LXI/USB chassis occupy only a small, 1U rack-height form factor, making it suitable for portable and space-restricted rack-mount applications. The chassis features remote control via USB or LXI Ethernet. Remote control over a network enables the switching function of a test system to be located as close as possible to the target equipment. This chassis is also available with built-in scan list sequencing and triggering (model 60-106-002).

The chassis supports from one to six of our 3U PXI modules; choose from over 1,000 module types including programmable resistors, matrices, multiplexers, general purpose relays, RF switches and fault insertion units.

it is the perfect platform to construct small scale applications. Possible systems include switching matrices up to 3312 crosspoints (three 40-560 BRIC2 occupying three pairs of slots) or up to 108 channels of programmable resistor/sensor emulation (six 40-295 18-channel resistor modules occupying six slots).

The 6-slot chassis is USB 3.0 compatible, has a fully compliant LXI interface and also has the option of a Wi-Fi dongle (sold separately). These communications standards enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers and tablets that support HTML5; allowing for a very practical route into a variety of applications in the modular test and measurement market.

  • Fully Compliant LXI Interface (1.5)
  • Ethernet 1000baseT Interface
  • USB 3 Compatible
  • Supports 1000+ Pickering PXI 3U Modules Including Programmable Resistors, Matrices, Multiplexers, General Purpose Relays, RF Switches, Fault Insertion
  • Supports Six User Slots
  • Built-In Scan List Sequence Stores With Triggering Capability
  • Compact Full Rack Width 1U Form Factor
Overall Size1U Full Rack
No of Slots6
BrandPickering Interfaces

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