A6 is a vector signal analyzer with compact design. With excellent testing performance and measurement sensitivity, A6 satisfies the testing requirements of the majority of RF signals. A6 satisfies the needs of general spectrum test, signal demodulation of GSM, WCDMA, LTE and NB-IoT signals. In terms of system integration, PCB version module product is available and API library is provided for secondary development.

Key Facts :-
  • Frequency range: 10MHz to 6000MHz (10MHz to 4200MHz)
  • Signal demodulation: FM, AM, GSM, WCDMA, LTE and NB-IoT signal
  • DANL: -168 dBm @1GHz (Sensitivity set to High, normalized to 1Hz)
  • Resolution bandwidth: 10Hz to 5MHz
  • Signal storage depth of 1Gbit for signal capture and analysis
  • API library is provided for secondary development
Typical applications
  • Signal demodulation
  • Laboratory RF test
  • System integration
  • Production test
  • Teaching demonstration
  • Compact size and easy to carry
  • Excellent performance indexes
  • Support communication mode and IOT signal analog output
  • Wide power adjusting range
  • Multiple controlling modes with simplified interface
Frequency Range10MHz to 4.2GHz, 1MHz to 6GHz
Frequenc ReferenceAging rate: ±1ppm
Frequency Readout Accuracy±( (readout frequency + 1GHz) x Frequency Reference + Frequency Span Accuracy x Span)
RBW Range10Hz to 5MHz, (1-2-3-5-10 Sequence)
RBW AccuracyRBW≥1MHz,±10% RBW<1MHz, ±2%
Measuring RangeDisplay Average Noise Level to +20dBm
Input Attenuator Range0 to 30dB, 1dB Step
BrandTranscom Instruments

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