High Sensitivity Receiver (HSR)

High Sensitivity Receiver (HSR)

RF over fiber links often work to a typical optical budget range of up to 20 dB, i.e. the link between the RF over fiber transmitter (electrical to optical) and receiver (optical to electrical) can accommodate up to 20 dB of loss before a reasonable quality signal is not recoverable. For most applications this is fine, but in some scenarios more optical loss can exist such as:

  • extended lengths of many tens of kilometers
  • through poorer quality fiber
  • when utilizing many optical interconnects

The traditional method of dealing with higher losses is to use optical amplifiers like an Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) in combination with DWDM type transmitters. This works well and can handle many RF channels through a single optical core. The downside is the added cost of the EDFA equipment and the more expensive DWDM lasers.

The High Sensitivity Receiver (HSR) has been designed for these higher loss environments and where only a single RF or a few RF channels need to be linked. The HSR is designed to work to an optical budget loss of around 10 dB lower than the standard receiver making it between 22 – 32 dB loss budget. The HSR can be used with standard laser transmitters or CWDM laser transmitters and without the need for additional EDFA amplifiers.

Brand ViaLite Communications

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