HL5208 Ruggedized Signal Path Analyzer™

The HL5208 Signal Path Analyzer™ measures TDR, TDT, return loss, and insertion loss in high-speed interconnects, cables, and PCB traces.

With a fast 200 ps rise time, ESD robustness, and highly-customizable software controls, these instruments provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional benchtop and factory-floor test systems.

The included XTDR™ software for Windows displays full waveforms and numerical measurements in a highly-customizable user interface. The instrument is powered and controlled using a single USB cable.

  • The HL5208 measures TDR, TDT, NEXT, FEXT, return loss, and insertion loss in cables, interconnects, and PCB traces.
  • This product complies with Class 2 of ESDS Component Sensitivity Classification (ESD STM5.1-1998).
  • Additional static protection is not required in most test environments.
  • In particularly harsh environments, the GROUND port on this instrument can be connected to a wrist strap for additional static protection.
Channels 8
Bandwidth 1.5 GHz
Time Resolution 2.3 ps
Measurement Modes TDR, TDT, crosstalk, return loss, insertion loss
Output Connectors 8 x SMA Jack

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