he J-Testr+ GTI test systems give the user a complete FCT (Functional Circuit Test) solution in an extremely compact footprint. With the integrated & configurable J-Testr system and Generic Test Interposer (GTI), these systems are completely ready for use with no customisation work required. All stimulation and measurement signals are readily available at either the standard 2.54mm pitch ribbon cable headers (low-cost manual direct plugging option), or at an automatically plugging ‘Pylon’ mass connection type interface.

The test systems are specifically designed to get the user up and running with minimum effort and time. This allows test developers, or even R+D teams, to utilise the test system from a very early stage in the product development cycle, allowing developed test code/circuitry to be easily reused and passed forward to the final production test.

With ‘Exchangeable Unit’ options for both ‘Bed of Nails’ and directly cabled connections to the UUT, the test system is suitable for low, medium and high volume UUT production all within the same platform.

Advanced options for integrated oscilloscopes and other 3rd party instruments like LED analysers, high speed programmers and boundary scan systems  make the J-Testr+ GTI test systems highly versatile. RF testing options are also available to enable the testing of modern day wireless devices such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, LORA and WIFI.
  • Compact 'off the shelf' FCT test systems
  • Rapid time to get up and running
  • Low, medium and high volume applications
  • Bed of Nails' & low cost UUT mounting
  • Fully integrated J-Testr System
  • Includes Generic Test Interposer (GTI)
  • Flexible configuration options
  • 100% EZ-Wired' compatible
  • Multiple customisation options
  • Integrated oscilloscope & RF options
Brand Eiger Design GmbH

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