J-Testr+ integrated Test system
The J-Testr+ product range adds high quality and robust 'Bed of Nails' fixture options to the J-Testr modular function test system. Unlike other test systems that simply connect with a fixture, the J-Testr+ solutions are a fully integrated packages where the test system is mounted within the 'Bed of Nails' fixture.

One of the key advantages of the test system being integrated inside the fixture is that cabling is extremely short and close to the stimulation and measurement functions. This eliminates the additional cost, signal integrity and reliably issues associated with long cables, multiple connections and expensive mass connection type blocks. Cabling can be further improved by adopting Eiger Designs "EZ Wired" connection concept.

The other more obvious advantage is that the overall test system is reduced to a fraction of the size of traditional test solutions. This makes the J-Testr+ products more portable, easier to store, easier to ship and much more space efficient within a factory or development environment.

The J-Testr+ products are currently offered in a Mini (315mm x 265mm) size and Midi (465mm x 500mm) size, all with fully inter-changeable UUT fixture and pusher plates. The J-Testr+ Midi has an RF option available to test wireless enabled devices.

Other features like customisable front panels, integrated PC VESA mounting points, general purpose bracket mounts and cable access slots further improve the flexibility of the J-Testr+ solutions.
  • Fully integrated test system
  • High Quality and robust fixture
  • Extremely compact test solution
  • Reduced power distribution cable losses
  • Significantly improved signal integrity
  • Lower cable connection costs
  • Customisable front panel
  • VESA PC mounting points
  • General purpose brackets and cable slots
  • RF option available
BrandEiger Design GmbH

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