MK300 PC platform for modules in Stack PC form-factor
Basic PC platform for stack modules in StackPC and PC/104 form-factors with conduction heat removal to the enclosure. Possibility of heat removal to the enclosure from any module. The enclosure enables to install up to seven expansion modules. As the Box PC platform, MK300 could be equipped with different types of expansion modules provided by Fastwel and other manufacturers (list of peripheral modules can be found at: There is an option to replace the types, number and location of the connectors on the front panel with the required ones. Additional interfaces can be routed to the auxiliary connector of the front panel.
  • Interfaces: VGA, 4xUSB, 1xGbE, 4xGbE with PoE, 2xCAN, 2xRS-422
  • Power: Maximum power consumption 35 W
  • Compatibility with OS: FreeDOS, Windows XPe, Linux 2.6., Astra Linux 1.3, QNX v.6.5
  • Operating temperature range: from –40°С to +70°С

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