PS48401 - PXI Programmable Power Supply
The PS48401 is a Programmable DC Power supply in a 2-slot PXI / cPCI form factor. Featuring a fully isolated output capable of providing 0-48VDC / 2A / 40W. It offers a programmable current limit and the ability to measure the output voltage and current under software or trigger control.

Special functions:
  • Measure output voltage or current, software controlled.
  • Measure output voltage or current, external trigger controlled.
  • Update output voltage and current limit, external trigger controlled.
  • Sequence above functions and store measured values into on-board memory
Output Voltage0 to 48V
Voltage setting resolution0.74mV
Voltage setting accuracy±0.2% of programmed value ±25mV
Load regulation0.1% of programmed value + 5mV (10 to 90% load change)
Output current2A max. above 20V lineary de-rating to 0.8A (40W max.)
Current limit resolution35µA
Current limit accuracy0.5% of programmed value ±10mA
Sense line regulation area0.5V (sum of both sense lines)
Output ripple (typical)1.5mVrms, 6mVpp (Full load, BW = DC - 1MHz)
Voltage Read back resolution0.74mV
Voltage Read back accuracy±0.1%reading ±10mV
Current read back resolution35µA
Current read back accuracy±0.2%reading ±5mA
Memory Depth16k
Rise time1Volt/ms (typical at full load)
Trigger inputFloating opto-coupler input (220 Ohm in series with a diode)
Trigger level4.0V - 12V (approx. 10mA - 50mA)
Minimum trigger pulse low / high time20µs
Maximum sequencing frequency10kHz
Sequence memory depth16384 readings
Voltage to chassis (any pin)60VDC (safety limit, design breakdown voltage > 250VDC)
Insulation resistance> 100MOhm
Backplane 5V under voltage lockout4.65V
Backplane 12V under volt. lockout11.3V
Operating temperature0°C to 50°C

  • 0-48VDC / 2A / 40W max.
  • Isolated output
  • No external power source required
  • High accuracy / low noise output voltage
  • Programmable Current Limit
  • 16 Bit Read Back of Output Voltage / Current
  • 2-slot width, PXI / cPCI Instrument
  • Programmable sequencer
  • .NET, LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI (VXIplug&play compatible) drivers included
  • Soft Front Panel included

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