PXI 16 Ch Analog Output/Current Loop Simulator Module - 41-765-001

The 41-765-001 is a 16-channel Analog Output Module designed to meet the requirements of industrial control applications utilising current loops 4 – 20mA. It consists of up to four 16-bit, digital-to-analogue converters (DAC), capable of creating four current outputs each. Output current within 0mA - 4mA and 20mA - 24mA, give the ability to simulate error or extra signalling conditions. The ±24mA mode gives the ability to simulate either sourcing or sinking sensor.

Typical applications of this module span across: 4 – 20mA current loops, analogue output modules, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial automation, sensor transmitters, process control.

The outputs can work in one of several modes of operation: 4-20mA, 0-24mA or +/-24mA. As well as low power voltage modes of operation: 0-5V, +/-12V or +/-5V.

Each DAC of the module can be powered up independently, either from the chassis power supply or can work as fully isolated unit, being powered up from an external source. This approach removes issues of ground looping. The DAC is always sourcing either on positive or negative logic, so no voltage source is required in-line.

Each channel of the 41-765 module is able to simulate the short and open circuit conditions that can be experienced in a system due to faulty wiring or sensors.

41-765-001Analog Output Module, 16 Channel
41-765-002Analog Output Module, 12 Channel
41-765-003Analog Output Module, 8 Channel
41-765-004Analog Output Module, 4 Channel
  • Ideal for 4–20mA Industrial Current Loop Simulation
  • Multiple Modes of Operation: 4-20mA, 0-24mA, +/-24mA, 0-5V, +/-12V & +/-5V
  • Self-powered, Sourcing/Sinking with Positive or Negative Logic
  • From 4 up to 16 Channels in One Slot Module
  • Ability to Work in Full Isolation to Avoid Ground Loops
  • 16-bit Resolution – Output Control Within 1μA
  • Accuracy of ±0.1% ± Resolution
  • Programmable Slew Rate
  • Short and Open Simulation
  • Supported in PXI or LXI/USB Chassis
  • Kernel and VISA Drivers
TypeCurrent Loop Simulators
BrandPickering Interfaces

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