T series USB Vector Network Analyzer offers wide dynamic range,low noise level, high resolution scanning with laboratory and research grade performance. T4 covers frequency range of 1MHz to 4GHz with 2-port and 2-pass that competitive with most of the bench-top VNAs on the market. The T series USB VNA provides measurement convenience by offering end user excellent performance and attractive pricing. T series USB VNA is suitable for laboratory, manufacturing and many other safety testing environment.

Key Facts :- 


  • Frequency Range:1MHz to 4GHz (T4)
  • Dynamic Range:>120 dB (IFBW=10 Hz), 123dB typical
  • Low Noise Level:<-120 dB (IFBW=10 Hz)
  • Low Trace Noise:10 mdB rms (IFBW=3 kHz)
  • High Measurement Speed:150 μs/point (IFBW=30 kHz)
  • High Effective Directivity:>42 dB
  • Remote Control:LabView
  • Low Power Consumption:18W
  • 1MHz to 4GHz (T4)
Frequency Range 300kHz to 4GHz (T4)
Dynamic Range(IFBW 10 Hz) 120dB
Trace Noise (dBrms) 0.01
Output Power -30 to +5 dBm
Measurements S11,S12,S21,S22
Frequency Resolution 10Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±5ppm
Brand Transcom Instruments

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