T series USB Vector Network Analyzer offers wide dynamic range,low noise level, high resolution scanning with laboratory and research grade performance. T4 covers frequency range of 1MHz to 4GHz and T6 covers frequency range of 1MHz to 6GHz, with 2-port and 2-pass that competitive with most of the bench-top VNAs on the market. The T series USB VNA provides measurement convenience by offering end user excellent performance and attractive pricing. T series USB VNA is suitable for laboratory, manufacturing and many other safety testing environment.

Key Facts :- 


  • Frequency Range:1MHz to 4GHz (T4) 300kHz to 6GHz (T6)
  • Dynamic Range:>120 dB (IFBW=10 Hz), 123dB typical
  • Low Noise Level:<-120 dB (IFBW=10 Hz)
  • Low Trace Noise:10 mdB rms (IFBW=3 kHz)
  • High Measurement Speed:150 μs/point (IFBW=30 kHz)
  • High Effective Directivity:>42 dB
  • Remote Control:LabView
  • Low Power Consumption:18W
Frequency Range 300kHz to 6GHz (T6)
Dynamic Range(IFBW 10 Hz) 120dB
Trace Noise (dBrms) 0.01
Output Power -30 to +5 dBm
Measurements S11,S12,S21,S22
Frequency Resolution 10Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±5ppm
Brand Transcom Instruments

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