PLG series signal generator produce RF and microwave (MW) signals at frequency range from 25 MHz to 6/12/20 GHz. Four types of analog modulation are available: AM, FM, PM, and PulM. The PLG generators simplify measurement cases for development, mass-production and verification of RF and MW products. It is an ideal solution for wireless communications, aerospace and defense, computer, automotive, etc.

  1. PLG06 - 25 MHz to 6 GHz
  2. PLG12 - 25 MHz to 12 GHz
  3. PLG20 - 25 MHz to 20 GHz

Main Capabilities:
• Several modes of operation: continuous wave (CW), swept signal, and analog modulation
• Frequency or power step/list sweep modes for device characterization or calibration
• Modern graphical user interface for fast and intuitive operation
• AM, FM, PM or PulM modulation by built-in or external modulation source
• Continuous low-frequency (LF) signal generationof standard shape (sine, saw tooth, triangle, square, noise)
• SCPI control commands make it simple to integrate PLG generators into other automated test and measurements systems.
• User-friendly interface
• List editor
• Custom profiles save/load for different measurement set-ups

  • Frequency range from 25 MHz to 6/12/20 GHz
  • Full functionality of benchtop lab generators
  • Modulation: AM, FM, PM, PulM
  • Portable design
  • Power supply and control via USB interface
Brand Micran

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