Introducing the picoscope 5000d series oscilloscopes and msos

Flexible Resolution and MSO - The complete all-rounder!

Pico is pleased to announce the introduction of the next generation of PicoScope 5000 FlexRes® oscilloscopes that provide up to 16 bits of vertical resolution with up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 1 GS/s sampling speed. FlexRes hardware employs multiple high-resolution ADCs at the input channels in different time-interleaved and parallel combinations to optimize either the sampling rate to 1 GS/s at 8 bits, the resolution to 16 bits at 62.5 MS/s, or other combinations in-between.

PicoScope 5000D MSO models add 16 digital channels, providing the ability to accurately time-correlate analog and digital channels. Digital channels may be grouped and displayed as a bus with each bus value displayed in hex, binary, ASCII or level (for DAC testing). You can set advanced triggers across both the analog and digital channels.
PicoScope 5000D Series oscilloscopes have waveform capture memory up to 512 megasamples – many times larger than competing scopes. Deep memory enables the capture of long-duration waveforms at maximum sampling speed.

PicoScope’s DeepMeasure™ tool uses the deep memory to analyze every cycle contained in each triggered waveform acquisition. It displays results in a table, with the parameter fields shown in columns and waveform cycles shown in rows. The current version of the tool includes twelve parameters per cycle, and can display up to a million cycles.

Serial decoding and analysis are included as standard. PicoScope has support for 18 protocols including I2C, SPI, CAN, RS-232 and Ethernet. Decoding helps you see what is happening in your design to identify programming and timing errors and check for other signal integrity issues.

PicoScope 5000D Series oscilloscopes feature a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connection, providing lightning-fast saving of waveforms while retaining compatibility with older USB standards. The PicoSDK® software development kit supports continuous streaming to the host computer at rates up to 125 MS/s.


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