MPI High Power Probe Systems

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MPI High-Power device characterization systems are specifically designed for on-wafer high po...

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MPI High-Power device characterization systems are specifically designed for on-wafer high power device testing. These systems support up to 3 kV triaxial / 10 kV coaxial and 600 A (pulsed) accurate measurements while providing a low-noise, fully shielded test environment.

MPI high power probing solutions offer variety of probing systems which include manual to automated versions to provide solution for different budgets and specific requirements.

Manual high power systems provides flexibility and lower cost solution for research institutes, universities, and foundries that need complex and accurate device characterization but not require to do high volume measurements. These systems are designed to connect with advanced high power measurement instruments to support advanced research works, without compromising the usability, safety and the measurement accuracy up to 3 kV (triax) / 10 kV (coax) and 600 A (pulsed).

MPI automated high power systems provide automated high through-put measurements by programming step-and-repeat functionality through MPI SENTIO® prober control software.

TS2000-DP is designed for open and flexible measurement set up with supporting over temperature measurement up to 300°C. Its open platen design make it possible to upgrade system for voltage higher than 10 kV, in the future and hence provide value for your investment.

TS2000-HP comes with MPI ShielDEnvironment™, providing wide temperature range from negative temperature as low as -60°C to higher temperature of 300°C. It is base on MPI’s TS2000-SE system and thus offers higher functionality to increase throughput; such as automatic side wafer loading, hot temperature wafer swap capability and low-noise nature of the shielded system.



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