MPI TS2000-HP | 200 mm Automated Probe System For accurate and reliable High Power measurements 

MPI’s automated TS2000-HP provides reliable on-wafer high power device measurement over wide-temperature range and measurement capability up to 3 kV (triax) / 10 kV (coax) and 600 A (pulsed). Advanced ShielDEnvironment™ offers low-noise and shielded test environment.

MPI-AST-V20-001   TS2000-HP Fact Shee                                                                          TS2000-HP Data Sheet   

Dedicated designed for High Voltage and High Current application

  •  On wafer high power device measurement up to 10kV/600A
  •  Gold plated chuck surface for minimum contact resistance and vacuum holes optimized for thin wafer handling down to 50 µm
  •  Taiko wafer chuck option
  •  Dedicated high voltage and high current probes
  •  Anti-arcing solutions  

MPI ShieldEnvironment™ for Accurate Measurements

  • Designed for Advanced EMI / RFI / Light-Tight Shielding
  •  Ready for temperature range -60 °C to 300 °C  
 Ergonomic Design and Safety
  • Front and advanced automated single wafer side loading capability with easy pre-alignment for automated routines
  • Regulatory approved safety interlocked light curtain to protect users
  • Integrated active vibration isolation
  • Completely integrated prober control for faster, safer and convenient system and test operatio
  • The Safety Test Management (STM™) option to load/ unload wafers at any chuck temperatures and auto dew point control    
  • Interlock-enabled safety light curtain protects users from accidental high voltage shock
  • Supports up to 4 high current or up to 8 high voltage positioners
  • Dedicated Coax and Triax high voltage and high current probe arms (up to 400 A pulse)
  • MPI’s proprietary triaxial connector for ultra-low noise 3kV triaxial and 10kV coaxial set-ups without any changes to the chuck connection
  • Stable microscope bridge mount with 50 x 50 x 140 mm programmable movement
  • Very convenient wafer loading with easy pre-alignment for automated routines
  • Provides unique safety, reliable and convenient environment for testing at different temperatures
Brand MPI Corporation

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