2Ch,14 Bit,30 MHz,60 MS/s PXI AWG, MX.6021

The MX.60xx series offers 4 different versions of arbitrary waveform generators for the CompactPCI bus. With these boards it is possible to generate free definable waveforms on several Channels synChronously. There are one or two Channels on one board with a maximum sampling rate of 125 MS/s. The internal standard Sync-bus allows the setup of synChronous multi Channel systems with higher Channel numbers. It is also possible to combine the arbitrary waveform generator with other boards of the MX product family like analogue or digital acquisition boards. With the up to 64 MSample large on-board memory long waveform can be generated even with high sampling rates. The memory can be used also as a FIFO buffer to make continuous data transfer from PC memory or hard disk.

Based on the CompactPCI 3U standard the PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) enhancement was defined especially for the measurement user. In this specification additional lines for measure ment purposes are defined. There is a high-quality 10 MHz reference clock, as well as a star trigger and a trigger bus. The Spectrum boards support all these features, most notably with the help of the reference clock and the star trigger module for an easy combination of products - in including those from different companies. Since September 2003 Spectrum is a member of the PXI system alliance. The Spectrum PXI cards run in a plain CompactPCI 3U slot as well as in a dedicated PXI 3U slot. If using the MX series in a plain CompactPCI slot the PXI features will not be available.

Application Examples

  • IQ Base signal generation
  • Production tests
  • Replay of acquired test data
  • Radar signal simulation
  • 2Ch,14 Bit,30 MHz,60 MS/s PXI AWG, MX
  • Simultaneous generation on all Channels
  • Output up to +/-3 V in 50 Ohm
  • Offset and amplitude programmable
  • Up to 64 MSample on-board memory
  • 32 MSample standard memory installed
  • 3 software selectable filters
  • Amplifier option available for ±10 V
  • SynChronization possible
  • CompactPCI/PXI 3U compatible
  • Supporting PXI star trigger
  • Supporting PXI trigger bus
  • Supporting PXI reference clock
Platform PXI
Analog-Out 2
Digital-Out 4 (Optional)
Resolution 14 Bit
Samplerate (Max) 60 MS/s
Bandwidth 30 MHz
Memory (Max) 32 MS (64 MS)
Brand Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH

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