LXI 2.4GHz 50ohm 32x16 Matrix, terminated - 60-770-001

The 60-770 is a family of integrated RF matrices suitable for use up to 2.4GHz in a 50 ohm transmission line system. The matrix design permits any single Y input to be connected to any single X input, permitting the concurrent connection of 16 RF paths. All signal paths are bi-directional permitting any connection to be used as an input or an output. The 60-770 can be supplied in a variety of configurations based on Y axis sizes of x16 and X axis sizes of x16, x24 and x32. Each matrix is factory reconfigurable up to the maximum size of 32x16.

  • High Bandwidth 50 Ohm RF Matrix
  • Configurations To 32x4
  • Automatic Termination of Unused Inputs
  • Consistent Signal Performance On All Paths
  • Fully Integrated Design In 2U or 3U Enclosure
  • Simple Remote Control Via LXI Interface
  • LXI Standard 1.4 Compliant
Type 50 Ohm RF Matrix - 2.4GHz
Platform LXI
Function Matrix
Z (Ohm) 50
X Size 32
Y Size 8
Banks 1
Max f (MHz) 2400
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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