Fast Digital Waveform Acquisition/Pattern Generator-M2P.7515-X4

The M2p.75xx series of fast digital I/O cards allow to acquire or replay digital patterns with a programmable speed of up to 125 MS/s. The direction can be switched by software between input (digital data acquisition) and output (digital pattern generation). The on-board memory of 1 GByte can be completely used for digital pattern. Furthermore the on-board memory can be switched to a FIFO buffer allowing to continuously stream data in either output or input direction.

In contrast to the parallel PCI buses PCI Express slots contain serial point to point connections. Each connection pair (lane) is able to reach a burst connection speed of 250 MBytes/s. The Spectrum PCI Express cards base on the powerful x4 lane slot type. One advantage of the PCI Express technology is the direct connection of each slot allowing a full transfer bandwidth for each single card. PCI Express is today's bus standard for PC based systems. Spectrum's PCI Express x4 cards can be used in any standard PCI Express slot with x4, x8 or x16. They physically do not fit into one lane (x1) PCIe slots.

Application Examples

  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Semiconductor Test
  • Experiment Timing Control
  • 32 digital I/O channels
  • 1 kS/s up to 125 MS/s sampling speed
  • Ultra Fast PCI Express x4 interface
  • 110 Ohm input impedance selectable
  • Inputs 3.3 V and 5.0 V TTL compatible
  • 1 GByte of on-board memory
  • 700 MB/s FIFO mode for input and output
  • Synchronization of up to 16 cards per system
  • PCIe x4 Gen1 Interface
  • Works with x4/x8/x16* PCIe slots
  • Software compatible to PCI
  • Sustained streaming mode up to 700 MB/s
  • Direct data transfer to / from CUDA GPU using SCAPP
Logic-Level TTL
Memory 1 GB
Digital-In 32
Digital-Out 32
Samplerate (Max) 125 MS/s
Platform PCI Express x4
Brand Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH

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