PXM(e)7810 High Speed MultiMeasurement Device

Product Information

The PXM(e)782x and PXM(e)7810 Multi-Measurement-Device Family unifies the functions of a digitizer (up to 250V, 20MS/s), a high precision digital multimeter (up to 250V, incl. RLC), a timer/counter and a highly configurable trigger matrix into one device and is thereby versatilely applicable. The family is ideally suited for production because of its fast switchover of operating modes (<1ms) and its fast range changes (<1ms).
A trigger input and output is provided in every device as well as electronic protection against overvoltage and overcurrent.

  • High voltage range with up to 500Vpp
  • 16Bit Waveform Digitizer 64MS, 10MS/s
  • High precision Digital Multimeter with 16Bit resolution
  • Fully isolated design
  • >1GΩ || <20pF input impedance up to 8V range
  • 10MΩ || <20pF for all other ranges
  • Extremely low switching time of <1ms for ranges and functions
  • 2- and 4-wire resistance measurement
  • Highly configurable trigger matrix
  • Trigger engine for instrument synchronization
  • Built-in timer/counter engine
  • Electronic protection against overcurrent and overvoltage
  • Memory segmenting
  • Available with PXI or PXIExpress interface
Brand VX Instruments GmbH

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