Reed Relay Mate
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This educational book provides an overview of how reed relay work, how they are constructed and how to interpret their specifications and make best use of them in their applications.

This book is intended to be a practical book about reed relays aimed at engineers. It requires little or no theoretical knowledge about the materials they are constructed from, all the issues are dealt with in a practical manner.

Contents include:

  • Reed relay basics
  • Comparing reed relays with other relay technologies
  • Packaging reed relays
  • Manufacturing test of reed relays
  • Choosing a reed relay
  • Placing and driving a reed relay coil
  • Loading reed relays
  • Understanding specifications
  • Relay terminology

With the information supplied in this book we hope users will better understand the efforts that go into designing what in principle is a simple component but which in practice is a complicated product full of engineering compromises and best value judgements.

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