Series 60 Chassis mounting with solder connections on the top face

Series 65 Printed circuit mounting

The Series 60 and 65 ranges of high voltage reed relays have been manufactured for many years and remain popular due to their small size and ease of use.

They are available for up to 15kV stand-off, 12.5kV switching at 50 Watts maximum. Tungsten plated contacts ensure a long and reliable life.

Both Form A (energize to make) and Form B (energize to break) configurations are available and it is usually possible to achieve a Form C (change-over) function by using a Form A and a Form B type together.

Form B types are magnetically biased and should not be mounted directly onto ferrous metal chassis or less than 1.5 inches (38mm) away from other relays as the coil operating voltage characteristics will be altered due to magnetic interaction.  The coils of Form B relays are polarity sensitive, the positive connection is identified by a red spot.

Form A types can be mounted on ferrous chassis but a space of 1 inch (25mm) should be allowed between adjacent relays. 5, 12, and 24 volt coils are available as standard other voltages can be supplied to special order, please contact our sales office.

If similar relays with “push-on” connectors are preferred, please look at our Series 62 and Series 63.

  • Series 60 - Chassis mounting with solder connections on the top face
  • Series 65 - Printed circuit mounting
  • Up to 15 kV stand-off
  • Up to 12.5 kV switching
  • Small size
  • Easy mounting
  • Long life
  • Fully encapsulated
Brand Pickering Electronics Ltd

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