Configured with 83 SPDT relays, this high-density 2 Amp PXI Relay module was originally designed for applications in Aerospace and Defense requiring a higher density 2 Amp alternative to our current 52 SPDT module (model 40-139)

This new Relay Module is suitable for applications requiring medium power switching with very high density. It features a 2 Amp current capacity and voltages to 200VDC/140VAC. 

Connections for the 40-100 high-density Relay Module are made via a front panel mounted 500-pin SEARAY high-density connector. We also offer standard cabling solutions converting from this high density connector to more standard interfaces such as D connectors, IDC connectors as well as an unterminated option for ease of use. 

Typical uses are found in automotive, aerospace, military and power cell testing applications.

  • 83 x SPDT Configuration
  • Electro-Mechanical relays
  • Maximum Current 2A Hot or Cold Switching
  • Switch Up To 200VDC/140VAC
  • Up To 60W Max Power
  • VISA, IVI & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
Platform PXI
Relay Contacts SPDT
Switch Type Reed
Poles 1
Max I (A) 2
Max V DC 200
Relays 83
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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