PXI 19xDPST 2A General Purpose Relay Module - 40-132-202

The 40-132-202 19xDPST relay module is part of our range of low cost, general purpose electro-mechanical relay modules which are capable of switching voltages up to 300VDC/250VAC and current up to 2A. They are suitable for use where reed relay based switching modules do not have sufficient voltage or current carrying capability. Applications include the switching of medium power AC and DC loads, or slave switching larger relays, contactors or solenoids. Connections are made to the card via a front panel mounted 78 pin D-Type connector plug.

  • Low Cost Relay Card For Medium Power Switching Applications
  • Up to 32 Electromechanical Relays Per Module
  • Choice of SPST, SPDT or DPST Contact Configurations
  • Maximum Current 2A Hot or Cold Switching
  • Switch up to 300VDC/250VAC and up to 60W Max Power
  • Operating Speed <3ms
  • VISA/IVI & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
Platform PXI
Relay Contacts DPST
Switch Type EMR
Poles 2
Max I (A) 2
Max V DC 300
Relays 19
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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