PXI 2A 32xSPST High Density Power Relay Module - 40-137-101

The 40-137-101 32xSPST 2 Amp relay module is part of our range of medium power, general purpose relay modules. It features 2A current and 110VDC/250VAC voltage range,. Connections are made via front panel mounted 78-pin D-Type connector. Along with this 32xSPST version, the range includes a 39xSPST 2A version and a 16xSPST 5A version - go to "Also in the Range" above to learn more. They are suitable for applications requiring power relay switching with high density such as Automotive Test, Aerospace Test and Power Cell Test applications.

  • SPST Switch Configuration
  • Switch 2A
  • Hot Switch to 110VDC/250VAC
  • Cold Switch to 400VDC/250VAC
  • 90W/500VA Max Power
  • VISA/IVI & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
Platform PXI
Relay Contacts SPST
Switch Type EMR
Poles 1
Max I (A) 2
Max V DC 400
Relays 32
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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