9 Cells Populated PXI Mixed Configuration Relay Module - 40-138-AA-BB-CC-DD (9 CELL)

The 40-138 2A Relay Module with 9 cells populated is a cell-based mixed configuration switching module suitable for applications requiring medium power switching with high density. It provides a broad selection of mixed relay types for greater flexibility and features 2A current capacity and voltages to 300VDC/250VAC. Mixed configurations are very useful for high density and/or low-cost applications where optimum usage must be made of all relays, and where there are very few PXI slots available.

  • Versatile Cell-based Design Allows Slot-Saving High Density and Mixed Configurations
  • Mixed Relay Configurations With Any Combination of SPST, DPST, SPDT & DPDT
  • Maximum Current 2A Hot or Cold Switching
  • Switch up to 300VDC/250VAC and up to 60W Max Power
  • Reduced Cost Partially Populated Versions Available
  • VISA/IVI & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
Platform PXI
Relay Contacts Mixed Configuration
Switch Type EMR
Poles Mixed Configuration
Max I (A) 2
Max V DC 300
Relays Mixed Configuration
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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