6U PXI 48 x SPDT Power Relay Module - 45-157-001

The 45-157 SPDT Power Relay Module consists of 48 single pole changeover relays controlled by a PXI/CompactPCI interface. It is suitable for applications were conventional reed-relay based switching modules do not have sufficient voltage rating or current carrying capacity. All 48 contacts are electrically isolated from each other and are capable of switching resistive and inductive loads up to 2000VA at 240V AC. The module is built on a single width 6U PXI module and the interface is via a standard PXI/CompactPCI backplane. Connection to the switching contacts is via three 50-way D-type male connectors mounted on the front panel. Theses are machined contact types with 7.5A current carrying capacity.

  • 48 Changeover Contacts in One 6U PXI Module
  • Current Handling of 7.5A Per Contact
  • Hot Switch to 300VDC/240VAC, Cold Switch to 400VDC/240VAC
  • Suitable for Switching Resistive and Inductive Loads
  • Uses Electro-mechanical Relays With Gold Plated Silver Alloy Contacts
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
Platform PXI
Relay Contacts SPDT
Switch Type EMR
Poles 1
Max I (A) 7.5
Max V DC 400
Relays 48
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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