2Ch, 3k PCI Strain Gauge Simulator Card, 50-265-102

These cards simulates the operation of a range of strain gauges making them ideal for testing strain gauge meters and a wide variety of industrial control systems. They provide a simple way of replacing in house developed sensors with a low cost simulator having excellent performance that is easy to calibrate and use. 

These strain gauge simulators use the same resistor bridge techniques that real life strain gauges are based on, ensuring accurate emulation of the strain gauge operation under all conditions. Each strain gauge simulator includes an independent input for the Excitation Voltage and a bridge output to simulate a strain gauge. The Excitation Voltage port can be driven by an AC or a DC source. The bridge circuit includes three fixed resistors and a fourth programmable resistor that can be adjusted over a narrow resistance range with fine adjustment capability and excellent accuracy. The adjustment range provided is sufficient to simulate quarter, half or full bridge circuits.

  • Simulates Resistive Strain Gauge Bridge Circuits
  • 6, 4 or 2 Simulators Per Module
  • Simple Software Operation
  • Fine Resistance Adjustment Over Full Operating Range
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
Type Strain Gauge
Platform PCI
Resistance Range 3kOhm Bridge
Accuracy (%) 0.06
Resolution (Ohm) 0.025
Channels 2
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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