LXI High Voltage Switching - 50xSPST Plugin Module


The 65-233-900-HI plug-in module is part of a scalable high voltage switch platform that provides a high voltage switching solution with capability up to 9 kV.

Switch arrays are created by populating the 65-200-002 scalable chassis with plug-in modules that provide access to the switches on 51-pin front panel connectors. Users can specify as many or as few plug-in modules as they require and can field upgrade the chassis to extend the number of switches.

A hardware interlock is provided on the front panel connector that prevents relay operation if a suitably wired mating connector is not fitted. This can, for example, be used to disable relay operation if the test system cabinet door is open.

The chassis supports up to 6 plug-in modules which are loaded into the chassis via the front panel, greatly improving flexibility and ease of maintenance.

  • Modular Switch Design
  • Cold Switch up to 9 kVDC/9 kVAC Peak
  • Hot Switch up to 7.5 kVDC /7.5 kVAC Peak
  • 0.25 A Hot Switch Current
  • Maximum Power 50 W
  • Dry Reed Switch Contacts With RFI Suppression for Long Life
  • Hardware Interlock Provided
  • Built-in Scan List Sequence Stores with Triggering Capability
  • Fully Compliant to 1.5 LXI Standard
Platform LXI
Switch Type Reed
Max I (A) 0.25
Max V DC 9000
Poles 1
Relays 50
Relay Contacts SPST
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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