LXI SP4T, 67GHz, (1-16) Banks, 50Ω, SMA-1.85, Unterminated Microwave Multiplexer-60-803-8xx

LXI SP4T, 1-16Banks, 67GHz, 50Ω, SMA-1.85, Unterminated Microwave Multiplexer-60-803-8xx- Where xx defines the number of 4 to 1 multiplexers between 01-16 banks

The 60-803 Microwave Multiplexer is suitable for switching 50 Ω signals up to 67 GHz. With up to 16 banks of 4 channels it is ideal for constructing complex microwave switching systems for many applications. Connection is by front panel SMA, SMA-2.9, SMA-2.4 or SMA-1.85 connectors.
It is also available in a terminated version with up to 14 banks of 4 channel multiplexers. This version automatically terminates signal channels into 50 Ω when not connected to the common terminal.
The multiplexer has an extremely high level of performance with low VSWR, very high isolation, low loss and high power handling. It is ideal for switching 50 Ω systems for HF up to microwave frequencies. It occupies 2U or 3U of rack space, providing a compact switching solution. Multiplexers can be user connected to create customized switching systems which include multiplexers and matrices.
Controlling the Multiplexer
The 60-803 is controlled through an LXI interface based on 1000Base-T Ethernet. This provides a quick and easy method of installing the 60-803 and a simple way of controlling it at a remote location through its API or built in soft front panel. The ability to control the unit at a distance aids the testing of systems without the need for a physical presence.
Easy Repair
To allow fast in field repair, relays may be individually replaced without removing the covers from the chassis or the chassis from the host rack.
Other Microwave Switching Configurations
We are able to offer other microwave switching solutions, if you have a custom requirement for switching please contact your local Pickering Interfaces sales representative

  • High Performance 4-Channel RF Multiplexers
  • 67GHz Bandwidth
  • Unterminated Versions With up to 16 Multiplexer Banks
  • 50 Ω Characteristic Impedance
  • Low Loss, High Isolation
  • LXI Standard 1.4 Compliant
  • IVI & Direct I/O Drivers
Type Microwave Multiplexer
Function Mux
Platform LXI
Z (Ohm) 50
Banks 01-16
Max f (MHz) 67GHz
Channels 4
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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