MPI TS200 | 200 mm Manual Probe System For accurate and reliable DC/CV, RF and High Power measurements

Universal Use
  • Designed for wide variety of applications such as RF and mmW, Device Characterization, Wafer Level Reliability, High Power, Failure Analysis, IC Engineering and MEMS

Ergonomic Design
  • Unique puck controlled air bearing stage for quick single-handed operation
  • Rigid platen accommodates up to 10 DC or 4 RF positioners
  • Highly repeatable platen lift design with three discrete positions for contact, separation, and loading

  • Available with various chuck options and wide range of accessories such as DC/RF/mmW MicroPositioners, microscopes and EMI shielded DarkBox to support various application requirements
  • 25 x 25 mm air bearing or 50 x 50 mm linear XY movement
  • 20 mm range for various applications
  • Supports DC/CV and RF measurements
  • Three discrete positions for contact, separation (300 µm) and safety loading (3 mm)
  • Stereo MPI ST45 or single tube MPI SZ10, MZ12 with up to 12x zoom and 95 mm working distance
  • 240 x 315 mm XY total stage movement
  • Resolution < 1.0 µm (0.04 mils) @ 500 µm/rev
Brand MPI Corporation

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