Triple SP6T,50GHz,50Ohm,PXI Multiplexer,SMA-2.4,Terminated with Remote Mount,40-785B-553-TE

The 40-785B range of multiplexers are available as a single or dual 6-channel panel mounted multiplexer with relays mounted on the front panel. The single slot version can support up to three supplied remotely mounted multiplexers.

The single slot remote multiplexer versions occupy less PXI panel space and allow the microwave relays to be placed closer to the UUT and other RF test equipment. In some applications it can shorten the length of RF cable runs and improve system performance. The remote multiplexers are supplied complete with a 1.5m interface cable.

These PXI Microwave multiplexer modules are suitable for constructing complex microwave switching networks and provide a range of switching configurations to suit most applications. Connection is by high performance SMA, SMA-2.9 and SMA-2.4 connectors for 50Ω versions. 

These modules offer high RF & Microwave performance with applications mainly in the Microwave region, however there are many uses in the RF spectrum where extremely low insertion loss and ultra-high isolation are critical.

  • Single or Dual 6-Channel Panel Mounted Multiplexer
  • LED indicators to aid in test system development and debugging
  • Up to Three Remote Multiplexer from Single Slot Versions
  • 18GHz, 26.5GHz, 40GHz & 50GHz Versions
  • 50Ohm SMA Style Connectors
  • 50Ohm Terminated Versions
  • 75Ohm Versions With 2.5GHz Bandwidth
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
Platform PXI
Z (Ohm) 50
Switch Type Microwave Switch
Banks 3
Poles 1
Frequency Range DC - 50GHz
Channels 6
Function Multiplexer
Type Microwave Multiplexer
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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