VX6620 cPCI System Power Supply

Product information

The VX6620 is a 2 slot 3U register based cPCI source and measurement unit with a single programmable output. The output is isolated. The power supply is specially designed for Automated Test Equipment (ATE). An autosensing feature is integrated as a built-in security to protect Devices Under Test (DUT).

The programmable output voltage and current is available in various ranges (±10V/±1A, ±20V/±500mA, ±40V/±250mA and ±60V/±200mA). The VX6620 supports current source and sink in all 4 quadrants.

Optionally the VX6620 can be configured with an integrated readback function for output voltage and current. The dual mode option combines two output ranges in one module (±10V/±1A and ±20V/±500mA, or ±20V/±500mA and ±40V/±250mA, or ±30V/±400mA and ±60V/±200mA).

The VX6620 does not require an external DC source. The supplied power at the PXI backplane will be used to generate the output power. All required internal voltages are generated with special designed DC/DC converters with extremely low noise. For safety reasons the VX6620 does support the following built-in security features required in automatic testing:

  • Autosensing. If the sense line is not connected the output will be used as the sense point automatically.
  • Broken sense line. The output voltage will be reduced about the voltage drop across the load line automatically.
  • Shorted sense line. The output voltage will be limited to 3V above programmed value.

The instrument calibration is done digital and fully automatic. The calibration data are stored in on-board EEPROM.

  • CompactPCI system power supply, single output (±10V/±1A, ±20V/±500mA, ±40V/±250mA and ±60V/±200mA)
  • Supports current source and sink
  • No external power source required
  • Dual mode, provides two power ranges
  • Readback function for output voltage and current (measurement functions)
  • Very fast rise and fall times
  • Sense inputs for superior load regulation
  • Autosensing to protect DUTs reliably
  • Digital calibration via system interface
Brand VX Instruments GmbH

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