6Ch PT100 RTD Simulator PCI Card, 50-262-101

This RTD Simulator is a PCI card that supports 6 channels of RTD simulation. The card provides a setting resolution of <8m? (also available in <90m? - PT1000version) and a resistance accuracy of better than 0.1% on all channels. Each simulation channel is able to provide a short or open circuit setting to simulate faulty wiring connections to a sensor. Calibration or verification of each resistor channel can be verified by using the calibration port connected to a high performance DMM and a supplied software package.

  • 6 Channels of Accurate RTD Simulation
  • PT100 or PT1000 Versions
  • Simple Control By Resistance Calls
  • High Accuracy and Fine Resistance Control
  • Short and Open Circuit Simulation
  • Simple Calibration With External DMM
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
Type PT100 RTD Simulator
Platform PCI
Resistance Range 90Ohm to 250Ohm
Accuracy (%) 0.1
Resolution (Ohm) 0.008
Channels 6
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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