9Ch,1Ohm to 62.1Ohm PCI Precision Resistor Card, 50-297-111

The 50-297 provides a simple solution for applications requiring accurate simulation of resistive sensors. The 50-297 is available in a variety of resistance ranges and resolution capabilities that meet the needs of most functional test systems. It is particularly well suited to applications such as the testing of engine controllers where resistive sensors provide information on parameters such as temperature. The associated calibration cable for this product is available for purchase as 40-975-037-1m

  • High Density Resistor Simulation
  • Up To 18 Channels in a 1-Slot Card
  • Resistance Resolution to 0.125 Ohm
  • Values From 1 Ohm to 22M Ohm
  • Accuracy of �0.2% �Resolution
  • Short and Open Simulation
  • Simple Software Control Through Resistance Calls
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
Type Standard Resistor
Platform PCI
Resistance Range 1Ohm to 62.1Ohm
Accuracy (%) 0.2
Resolution (Ohm) 0.25
Channels 9
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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