12-Ch (no resistors fitted), PXI Potential Divider Module, 40-282-021

The 40-280 series provides a cost effective, high density solution for applications requiring a high channel count of simple resistor configurations. The 40-280 provides up to 48 isolated channels, each of which can be programmed as a short circuit, an open circuit or a fixed resistor value. The 40-281 provides up to 24 isolated channels, each of which can be set as an open circuit, an offset resistor value or a fixed resistor value plus the offset. The 40-282 is a potential divider with up 24 separate channels. This can be used to emulate potentiometer devices, each channel having a fixed R1 R2 ratio. Additionally, the centre point can be shorted to either of the potentiometer end points. Modules are supplied without any resistors fitted, permitting the user to fit the values required. Please contact the Pickering Sales Office if the module is required pre-fitted with resistors.

  • High Density Selectable Resistor Module
  • Up to 48 Separate Channels of Switchable Resistors
  • Customer Defined Resistor Values
  • Channels Can be Set as Open or Short Circuit or to a Pre-set Resistor Value (40-280)
  • Version Available With Switchable Offset Resistance (40-281)
  • Potential Divider Version Available (40-282)
  • Uses High Reliability Pickering Reed Relays For Maximum Performance
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
Type Configurable Potentiometer
Platform PXI
Accuracy (%) Customer Specified
Resolution (Ohm) Customer Specified
Channels 12
Power Rating Customer Specified
Resistance Range Customer Specified
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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