2-Ch,2Ohm to 16.3kOhm,0.5W,PXI Resistor Module,40-293-031

The 40-293 is a Programmable Resistor module with two channels of 16-bit, two channels of 12-bit or four channels of 8-bit resistor chains in a single 3U PXI module. The module is ideal for simulating sensors for control and management systems under test, allowing the user to verify system response in design verification or manufacturing test applications. The 40-293 can also be supplied with 8xSPDT electro-mechanical relays. These uncommitted relays have a number of uses, including extending the resistor chain, adding additional fault conditions and providing the functionally of a resistor module and an uncommitted relay module in a single PXIslot. The associated calibration cable for this product is available for purchase as 40-975-037-02-1m

  • Dual 16-Bit, Dual 12-Bit or Quad 8-Bit Resistor Module
  • Fitted with Electromechanical Relays
  • Short and Open Simulation
  • Simple Software Control Through Resistance Calls
  • Provides Fully Isolated Variable Resistors
  • Option of Added SPDT Uncommitted Relays
  • Option of Increasing The Length of Resistor Channels
  • Special Versions With Non Standard Resistors Built To Order
  • VISA & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Plus Soft Front Panel
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
Type Standard Resistor
Platform PXI
Accuracy (%) 1
Resolution (Ohm) 0.25
Channels 2
Power Rating 0.5W
Resistance Range 2Ohm to 16.3kOhm
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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