16x4SignalInsertionandMonitor PXI Matrix,40-525A-002

This is a PXI signal insertion and monitor matrix with switched pass thru connections on both X and Y axis. It is also available in a 34x4 format and can be used for signal insertion and monitoring purposes on connections between the UUT and test system. Each pass thru connection from LX to X can be open or closed to allow the programmatic disconnection of the signal to check the response of the UUT. The matrix can be used to connect test equipment, such as a DMM or scope, to monitor the pass thru signals via Y connections while the LY connections can be used to insert a fault condition or insert external signals. When external signals are injected the LX connections can be opened and the LY connections closed. The matrix size can be expanded by linking Y connections across multiple modules. Larger matrices can be created with switched isolation relays if connected by the LY connections.

  • 34x4 or 16x4 Matrix with Isolation Relays
  • Allows Signal Insertion Between UUT and Test Equipment Connections
  • Easy Monitoring of UUT to Test Equipment Connections
  • Allows Simulation of Broken Connection
  • Can be used for Fault Insertion
  • 2A Hot or Cold Switching
  • Switch up to 220VDC/150VAC and up to 60W Max Power
  • VISA and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
  • Supported by eBIRST Switching System Test Tools
Platform PXI
Switch Type EMR
X Size 16
Y Size 4
Banks 1
Poles 1
Max I (A) 2
Max V DC 220
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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