Dual16x8,1-Pole,Screened Matrix,40-532-021-S

Model 40-532-022-S is a very high density dual 1-pole screened 16x8 matrix module. It is also available in 2-pole or 1-pole non-screened reed relay formats: The screened version is suitable for switching coaxial signals up to 50MHz. Typical applications include signal routing in Functional ATE and data acquisition systems. These PXI matrix modules are constructed using high reliability Sputtered Ruthenium Reed Relays, offering 109 operations to give maximum switching confidence with long life and stable contact resistance. Larger matrices may be constructed bytructed by daisy chaining the common signals from multiple modules. However, for applications that require a very large matrix, Pickering s BRIC modules are best suited.

  • Ultra High-Density Reed Relay Matrix With 256 Crosspoints
  • 1-Slot PXI (Compact PCI) Card
  • 1-Pole, 2-Pole or Screened Versions
  • Large Matrices Built Using Multiple Cards
  • Screened 50Ohm Option with 50MHz Bandwidth
  • Uses High Reliability Pickering Ruthenium Reed Relays For Maximum Performance
  • Fast operating speed <1000us
  • Switch up to 150V with 10W Max Power
  • Max Switch Current 0.5A Cold or 0.5A Hot
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
Platform PXI
Switch Type Reed
X Size 16
Y Size 8
Banks 2
Poles 1
Max I (A) 0.5
Max V DC 150
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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