This Data Communications Multiplexer is designed specifically for multiplexing or de-multiplexing up to 32 differential signal pairs having controlled 100? differential impedance. The multiplexer can be configured under software control to provide switching for 32 differential pairs, 16 dual differential pairs and 8 quad differential pairs. The dual and quad versions are particular well suited for providing switching of AFDX, BroadR-Reach and Ethernet signals.

To support Ethernet applications, the design includes a switching network that simplifies the swapping of Tx and Rx pairs to simulate the effect of Ethernet crossover cables.

  • Multiplexer Designed for Differential Signals
  • Configurable to Single, Dual and Quad Multiplexer
  • Wide Differential Bandwidth
  • Controlled Differential Impedance of 100?
  • Suitable For Telephony, Ethernet, AFDX, BroadR-Reach, LVDS, RS232 and USB Switching Applications
  • Available With Interface System to AFDX/Ethernet Connectors
  • Compatible With 1Gb Ethernet
  • Designed to work with AFDX and future implementations of ARINC�s AND
  • Differential Pair Reversing Switch To Simulate Crossover Cables
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
Platform PXI
Switch Type EMR
Banks 8
Poles 2
Max I (A) 0.3
Max V DC 100
Channels Configurable Architecture
Brand Pickering Interfaces

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