MPI TS2000 Series | 200 mm Automated Probe Systems For reliable DC, RF and High Power Production Test Measurements

MPI TS2000 is a natural evolution of the world-wide and well established Probe System with dedicated designs addressing Advanced Semiconductor Test market requirements. The system is fully compatible with the all MPI system accessories and is designed primarily to address of Failure AnalysisDesign VerificationIC engineeringWafer Level Reliability as well as special requirements for MEMS, High PowerRF and mmW device testing.

Available for ambient and/or hot only temperature operation modes the TS2000 is fast with speed up to 10 Dies/second (depends on the final configuration), which makes it an ideal choice for pre-production electrical tests on discrete RF devices, as example.

 TS2000 Series Fact Sheet                                                               TS2000 Series Data Sheet

Designed for wide variety of On-Wafer Production Applications

  • DC-IV / DC-CV / Pulsed-IV applications
  • RF applications up to 67 GHz & 4-port setup
  • High Power production application up to 10 kV / 600 A
  • IC Design validation from ambient to 300 °C

Production Reliability

  • Designed for 24/7 production reliability
  • Integrated passive vibration isolation table
  • Optional active vibration isolation base
  • Ready for temperature ambient to 300 °C

Ergonomic Design and Options

  • Designed with easy single wafer front loading
  • Large Probe Platen supporting up to 12x DC or 4x DC + 4x RF MicroPositioners or standard 4.5” probe card holder
  • Available with various chuck options and wide range of accessories such as 4.5" probe card adaptor, DC/RF MicroPositioners, microscopes to support various application requirements
  • Opening mechanism for convenient operation • Interlock for safety operation (TS2000-DP)
  • Supports up to 4 RF and 10 DC MicroPositioner and Wide range of MicroPositioners available
  • High Voltage (3kV TRX, 5kV or 10kV COAX) and High Current (up to 100A) Probes
  • 50 x 50 mm manual or programmable
  • Wide range of temperature from 20 °C up to 300 °C
  • Incorporates a high performance vibration isolation platform (option)
  • Convenient location in front of the operator for fast operation and immediate feedback
Brand MPI Corporation

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