MPI TS2000-SE | 200 mm Automated Probe System For accurate and reliable DC/CV, RF and mmW measurements

The TS2000-SE from MPI is the first ever 200mm automated engineering probe system on the market integrating innovative features specifically designed to reduce the cost of test. These features are incorporated into the MPI ShielDEnvironment™ for ultra-low noise, very accurate and highly reliable DC/CV, RF and High Power measurements.

MPI-AST-V20-001 TS2000-SE Fact Sheet                                                               MPI-AST-V20-001 TS2000-SE Data Sheet

Designed for a Wide Variety of On-Wafer Measurement Applications

  • Device Modeling - DC-IV / DC-CV / Pulse-IV
  • RF and mmW - RF Setup from 26 GHz to 110 GHz & beyond
  • Failure Analysis - Probe card / Internode Probing
  • Wafer Level Reliability - Hot / Cold / Long-term test • High Power Device - Up to 10 kV / 600 A

MPI ShielDEnvironment™ for Accurate Measurements

  • Designed for Advanced EMI / RFI / Light-Tight Shielding
  • Ready for temperature range -60 °C to 300 °C

Ergonomic Design and Options

  • Front and advanced automated single wafer side loading capability with easy pre-alignment for automated routines
  • Vertical Control Environment (VCE™) with observation of the probing area from the side for safe operation
  • Integrated active vibration isolation
  • Completely integrated prober control for faster, safer and convenient system and test operation
  • The Safety Test Management (STM™) option to load/unload wafers at any chuck temperatures and auto dew point control
  • Excellent EMI- and light-tight shielded test environment for ultra-low noise, low capacitance measurements
  • Wide range of temperature from -60°C up to 300 °C
  • Intelligent dew point control routine avoids acumination during cold testing
  • Stable microscope bridge mount with 50 x 50 x 140 mm programmable movement
  • Loading or unloading of 100, 150 or 200 mm wafer is straight forward and intuitive
  • Incorporates a high performance vibration isolation platform

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