MPI TS3000-SE | 300 mm Automated Probe System For accurate and reliable IV, CV, pulsed-IV, 1/f and RF Measurements

The TS3000-SE is the consequent further development of the TS3000 probe system equipped with MPI ShielDEnvironment™ for ultra-low noise, extremely accurate and highly reliable DC/CV, 1/f, RTS and RF measurements, addressing primarily the needs of the Device CharacterizationWafer Level Reliability and RF & mmW applications.

The exclusive, actively cooled probe platen design provides maximal stability over the wide temperature range from -60° to 300°C and is making the TS3000-SE probe system an excellent choice for testing devices under different thermal conditions.

  TS3000-SE Fact Sheet                                                              TS3000-SE Data Sheet

Designed for Wide Variety of On-Wafer Measurement Applications

  • Device Modeling - DC-IV, DC-CV, Pulse-IV, ESD, 1/f
  • RF and mmW - RF Setup from 26 GHz to 110 GHz & beyond
  • Wafer Level Reliability - for accurate stress- and measure conditions
  • Drivers for leading test executive software suits

MPI ShielDEnvironment™ for Accurate Measurements

  • Advanced EMI / RFI / Light-tight Shielding for best 1/f noise test results
  • Ultra-low noise IV measurements down to fA level
  • Programmable microscope movements for test automation and ease of use
  • Wide temperature range -60 °C to 300 °C with unique configuration flexibility

Ergonomic Design and Options

  • Easy wafer or single DUT loading from the front
  • Integrated active vibration isolation
  • Completely integrated prober control for faster, safer and convenient system and test operation
  • The Safety Test Management (STM™) with automated dew point control
  • Reduced footprint due to smart integration of the chiller • Instrument shelf option for shorter RF cables providing the highest measurement dynamic
  • Stable microscope bridge mount with 50 x 50 x 140 mm programmable movement
  • Various optics options available such as MPI AMZ12 w. up to 12x optical zoom or MPI iMAG® - the digital microscope
  • Supports up to 4 RF and 8 DC MicroPositioners
  • Wide temperature range -60 °C to 300 °C with unique configuration capabilities
  • Convenient location of the control pannel for fast and easy interaction with the system
  • Advanced EMI / RFI / Light-tight shielding for the best 1/f noise test results
Brand MPI Corporation

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